Ozzy Osbourne Bad Haircut Photo Revealed


Happy Halloween indeed! The official Instagram account for Ozzy Osbourne posted this retro, throwback photo of the Prince of Darkness starring as a Reverand from the 1986 horror movie “Trick Or Treat.” The film centers around a teenager who is haunted by the ghost of his rock hero. Here, you can see Ozzy with a really silly short haircut and even more bizarre long sideburns that he sported for the role. Scary stuff!  This Ozzy Osbourne sad coffin photo was revealed earlier this month.

Ozzy Osbourne fans discussed the Prince of Darkness’ 2002 remaster of his 1983 solo album, “Bark At The Moon” in a recent topic on the Ozzy Osbourne subreddit.

Ozzy Osbourne’s wife made this painful ‘Heart Attack’ claim not too long ago. ServeTheServants2001 gave their thoughts stating, “At the risk of getting tomatoes thrown at me, I will say that I actually like the 2002 remix of Bark at the Moon, but that’s mainly because it was the first version that I heard of the album and I grew up with it. With that being said, I do have some questions about it and I was wondering if anyone could answer them.

On the Steve Hoffman forums, some people were speculating that the drums and bass were rerecorded for this album, but the liner notes say they aren’t (the liner notes for the 2002 remixes for Blizzard and Diary however do openly say it). They speculate that this was done to avoid even more backlash and controversy, but I don’t see why they would do it for this album since a lot of fans seem to care more about Blizzard and Diary (which is a shame because the Jake E. Lee albums are also gems).

Also, I even read on there that Zakk Wylde might have “impersonated” some of Jake E. Lee’s guitar parts on there. I find this pretty far-fetched because you can’t really impersonate a guitar player since they all have their own style. But this is a 2002 remix and you can never put anything past Ozzy’s management.

How much of all this holds any truth? Does anyone have any links that could properly explain this? I’m mainly asking because BATM is my second favorite Ozzy solo record and I want to know how much of the copy that I own has been altered.”

EvilStrawberry987 proclaimed: TBH it wasn’t bad. I prefer the original, but at least they didn’t George Lucas it like with Diary of a madman and Blizzard. And what I mean by George Lucas is that they changed it for the worse.

TheFourWude said: “Not sure really. I will say the 2002 version of So Tired is much better. And You’re No Different To Me is a bit longer in the 2002 version. 2002 Centre of Eternity’s intro sucks balls though.”  Speaking of Mrs. Ozzy Osbourne, she made this deadly cancer revelation a couple of days ago.