Ozzy Osbourne Wife Makes Painful ‘Heart Attack’ Claim


Ozzy Osbourne has a family that cares about animals, and they compared the torture of them recently to that of a heart attack. The topic of animals and animal welfare is very important to Ozzy Osbourne‘s wife Sharon. This sad Ozzy Osbourne coffin photo was recently revealed. It comes to no surprise that animals and animal welfare are a topic that is very close to the rockin’ couple as the two opened a doggie daycare back in 2017. Recently, Sharon Osbourne, the matriarch of the Osbourne family teamed with PETA to discuss the horrors of chinchilla farming and how these tiny creatures are used for their fur, suffering pain that is akin to heart attacks via electrocution for their fur in order to make coats and trim.  Ozzy Osbourne’s sister recently revealed ‘heartbreaking’ family news.

The story however, does have a happy ending as Sharon Osbourne does report that the factory farm is shut down and the chinchillas are eventurally all rescued. You can read about this heart touching story below. Ozzy Osbourne’s wife used ‘mouth’ on Television host.


Sharon Osbourne: “I’m Sharon Osbourne for PETA. I used to wear animal fur but I had a change of heart when I learned how terribly the animals suffer. Among the smallest victims are chinchillas, native to the Andes Mountains in South America, these animals are found in dismal cages in fur farms. Please watch this short video to see why more and more people are ditching fur.

Shannon continues to narrate:

“On this fur farm in Michigan, the owner demonstrates how he kills the animals by breaking their necks. In 2014, a PETA investigator visited a California ranch that had been breeding and selling Chinchillas for more than fifty years.  Some had been sold as pets and others had been killed for their pelts which were almost certainly going to be the fate of the four hundred and twenty-four animals shown. In nature, chinchillas are very clean, inquisitive, and social animals who live in herds of up to one-hundred members. They enjoy digging, climbing, and burrowing. However, on factory farms such as this one chinchilla are kept in tiny, metal cages that prevent such natural behavior.”

Osbourne continues:

“A single chinchilla coat can contain the pelts of one-hundred animals. No federal, humane law exists to protect animals on fur factory farms and at this California facility as with many fur farms, a cruel, antiquated, slaughtering *inaudible*. Performed this way, electrocution performs execution but does not stop brain activity.  The Chinchillas are conscious as they are electrocuted and experience all the pain and agony of a full-blown heart attack. Viewed as commodities. These chinchillas like most on fur farms were denied veterinary care, even for emergencies. The owner splinted, broken bones, and amputated limbs.”

Sharon Osbourne concludes:

“I’m happy to report that these one hundred and twenty-four animals were all rescued and PETA shut down this farm for good. After living in misery and isolation, their suffering ended. Please do your party and never wear any fur or fur trim and tell others why – thank you.