Ozzy Osbourne Bandmate Confirms ‘Terminal Disease’ In Photo


Beloved Black Sabbath member and Ozzy Osbourne bandmate, Tony Iommi recently took to social media via Twitter to deliver his thoughts regarding the death of legendary Rush drummer Neil Peart who died this past week after a battle with brain cancer. Iommi wrote: “So sorry to hear the news of Neil Peart passing. We’ve lost another one of the greats. RIP.” Ozzy Osbourne makes stunning AIDS revelation.

In other Ozzy Osbourne related news, fans recently took to YouTube to react to the ‘Prince of Darkness’s latest track, ‘Ordinary Man’, a collaboration with rock and roll icon, Elton John. One fan wrote: There is nothing ordinary about Ozzy, he is simply the greatest of all time! he has managed to make the best music with so many different excellent musicians, he turns to gold everything he touches musically, I don’t know any other singer that can do that at this level. Love Ozzy forever! Whereas another put: “Man, I’ve been into rock since childhood. Now that I’m in my 20’s learning guitar the big ones all start fading away and saying goodbye. in these evil days of shallow pop stars, I hope more people pick up axes and drums and continue what the legends left behind.” Metallica’s bassist just revealed a painful Ozzy Osbourne photo.

While fellow YouTube user, King Crimson stated: “I literally cried listening to those lyrics. You’ll be one of the many legends who is the godfather of metal. Just like those we already lost. Hopefully, you can make more music in the coming years. This is absolutely amazing.”

Ozzy Osbourne’s son just reacted to a sad ‘death bed’ photo. Chef Puddingfoot put: “It’s like Ozzy is prepared to pass on and playing with heart strings dang this song is good for the feels cause if Ozzy did pass he wouldn’t die an ordinary man he would pass away as a rock legend.”