Ozzy Osbourne Bandmate Reveals Neil Young Paycheck


Recently it was reported how ‘The Prince of Darkness’ and Black Sabbath pioneer, Ozzy Osbourne lamented the royalty structure of streaming services, signaling out Spotify in particular and calling it a ‘f***ing joke. Now, in a new Alternative Nation exclusive, Carmine Appice, legendary drummer and the Classic Drummer Hall of Famer who played with Osbourne in support of his Gold-selling Bark at the Moon album. Appice recently discussed touring with Osbourne in greater detail. Please credit Alternative Nation for the following transcription.

AN: When the first record, the self-titled dropped it was truly innovative from Vanilla Fudge with revolutionized psychedelic rock, so many were inspired by that. And still, cause I looked at it and, you know, on Spotify streaming services, you guys still bring in a quarter-million listeners a month.

Carmine: I don’t, you know what, we don’t even look at that Spotify. I think Spotify is such a ripoff. I think of those guys, like Neil Young and all that. When they’re taken, I mean, you know, you bring in a quarter-million listeners in a month, you know what that makes you? About a hundred bucks. That’s ridiculous.

He continued: That’s why there are no record sales anymore. Right. You know, and that’s why. I wrote anything, used to make a lot of money, and in record sales. A few years ago it made started nothing. So I sold it back to Warner Brothers and I bought real estate with the money.

In other news concerning Ozzy Osbourne, professional wrestling and Fozzy singer Chris Jericho addressed comparisons that were allegedly made that Jericho has similar vocals to Osbourne. Jericho would address this on PopCulture. Credit to LoudWire for the following quote: “”I’ve always had that in me. It’s not trying to sound like Ozzy, that’s my vocal range,” Jericho argued to PopCulture. “So there’s always been elements of it. As a matter of fact, on the Sin And Bones record, I said, ‘Let’s just fucking record a [Black] Sabbath song. Let me try and sound like Ozzy.’ And we did ‘Fairies Wear Boots.’ And if you listen to it, it’s, like, ‘Okay, now that’s Ozzy.’ So we’ve always had some of those elements.”