Ozzy Osbourne ‘Career Killing’ News Revealed


Motley Crue members Nikki Sixx and Tommy Lee revealed that they had ‘career killing’ Ozzy Osbourne stories in a new SiriusXM interview. Alternative Nation transcribed their comments.

Host: Just when you think Motley Crue couldn’t get more insane, here comes Ozzy [Osbourne] just raising the bar to a whole other level.

Tommy: You have no idea what we know.

Host: Stuff beyond that, Nikki?

Nikki: The stuff we can’t even tell you. You guys would just turn into dust. [Regarding] this stuff that Ozzy’s done with us, we can’t tell you. I mean, we can’t tell you, we can’t, it would be a career killing for all of us. The worst of it involves drugs, poop, blow-up dolls, ants, cars, swimming pools together.

Host: Yeah, you guys didn’t tell me this but…

Tommy: Tighty-whiteys.

Friends star Matt LeBlanc revealed on Conan O’Brien’s show this week that Sharon Osbourne asked her to have a threesome with herself and Ozzy.

“I run into Sharon Osbourne, and I say, ‘My God, I’m such a big fan of your husband’s. He is so awesome.’ And this is what she says to me, with a completely straight face … immediately she goes, ‘Oh, that’s great! Maybe after this, you’ll come back to the house and we’ll have a threesome.’”

LeBlanc then said hopefully Sharon was kidding, to which Conan responded, “I will tell you, she was not!”

Sharon discussed the story the following day on The Talk, “I was ish-ish kidding. If he’d have gone for it, I’d have called my husband … I would have loved to have filmed it … maybe we can do Conan, too!”