Ozzy Osbourne Chugs Beer Backstage In Leaked Photo


Mama I’m coming home to drink! That’s most likely what Ozzy Osbourne was thinking when this photo was snapped. Ozzy Osbourne was caught partying by his wife in this sad video. The official Instagram of the legendary metalhead posted this retro photo of the Prince of Darkness chugging a frosty, adult beverage during a concert. Sipping from the longneck bottle Osbourne is giving the iconic peace sign as he’s wearing a striped shirt and faded jeans. You can view the photo below. Ozzy Osbourne’s family revealed this sad cancer photo.

The official Facebook page for Ozzy Osbourne also posted the beer-chugging photo and fans reacted en masse.

Ozzy Osbourne’s recently made this painful ‘heart attack’ claim. William put: “These old vintage photos are so cool. It’s like a window in time back to the early Sabbath days. I am a fan of all eras of your career, the Sabbath days and solo, but these early Sabbath memories are golden.”

T Cosa replied: Yeah all these posts of him drinking and smoking…. look where that got him, don’t do drugs kids. You’ll end up shaking like you have Parkinson’s and barely able to move or speak.

Jacque said: “Love You and your family I wish I could go in an RV around Australia with my Husband and SON who has PTSD Just to reconnect with our son who did 3 tours of Afgan with Special Forces Lots Of Love Always Jacqueline.”