Ozzy Osbourne Family Brutally Disrespected At Restaurant

Ozzy Osbourne‘s lovely wife Sharon Osbourne let it all out in a new interview.  Ozzy Osbourne and his wife being rejected by a big name was recently revealed. Speaking with The UK tabloid The Sun discussed a wide variety of topics, including the rise of anti-Semitism in the United Kingdom’s Labour party, led under Jeremy Corbyn. Here she discusses how she was disrespected in a German restaurant many years ago. Ozzy Osbourne’s family made this ‘terrifying’ new announcement.
Sharon recalls stopping over in Germany while managing singer Lynsey de Paul in 1976. She says: “The record company took us to a restaurant. The guy from the record company said, ‘Oh my God, we’ve brought you here’.

“And we’re like, ‘Why?’. And he goes, ‘It’s full of Jewish people’. And we looked at each other and we went, ‘Don’t say a word and just get the f*** away from here’.”

The rise of anti-Semitism in the Labour party under Corbyn’s leadership is a worry for Sharon.

In other news regarding Ozzy Osbourne, fans on the official Facebook page for the Prince of Darkness were discussing Ozzy’s Live E.P – appropriately titled “Ozzy’s Live E.P.” which was released October 2nd, 1980.
William posted: ” Very cool! I have loved this e.p. since it first came out!! There were a couple of versions released, all of which are very cool! I have always had the color picture disc LP version from 1981 that had photos from the “Diary Of A Madman” album photo session era. The one that is recreated in the box set was the 1982 LP version released somewhere around midway through the “Diary Of A Madman” tour in 1982. That particular version also came out on cassette too. There was another very rare 1st edition version that originally came out in 1980 just after the UK release of “Blizzard Of Ozz” that just had a black and white live photo of Ozzy on the cover in the white fringe vintage outfit. Several years ago, my old 1981 color picture disc version was missing after a move. But then recently I was on eBay and someone had an original 1981 color picture disc version sealed, just like my old one! I bought it and it arrived in mint shape!! Either way, I still want to get the box set eventually when I get the cash together.

Bobby said: “I have so many Ozzy rarities and collectibles and everyone has been opened. No need to preserve an unopened condition to retain value; the value is in my enjoyment! I’ve spent many years finding rare songs, some of which have since been released as part of some collection, which is a little frustrating and understandable at the same time.

Sheldon put: ” THE BEST SONG EVER RECORDED BY OZZ. “, YOU SAID IT ALL”. Been hoping he would re record this since the EP was released. A studio version would have been pure magic. Just like all the magic recorded with Randy and ZakkOzzy also posted a creepy photo of himself bent over.