Ozzy Osbourne Family Make ‘Terrifying’ Announcement


Legendary Black Sabbath frontman Ozzy Osbourne‘s wife Sharon revealed a horrible family newspaper announcement from her past about her mother Hope. In a The Sun piece, Sharon was handed a newspaper article by a historian, she reads the headline: “A Brixton Incident. Mother and daughter charged. Child takes the blame.” BREAKING: Ozzy Osbourne’s family being disrespected at a restaurant was just revealed.

She finds out that 12-year-old Hope and her mum Dolly were flung into a South London jail after Dolly was caught stealing stockings. Sharon emotionally said, “It broke my heart when I read that. My mum must have been terrified, just terrified. Can you imagine? I never knew any of this.”

SilphiumWhite recently wrote about Ozzy’s song “Walking On Water” on Reddit. Ozzy also posted a creepy photo of himself bent over.

“Judging by his voice and the general sound of the track, I speculate it would have been recorded sometime closer to No More Tears or possibly even No Rest for the Wicked.

As I see it, Ozzmosis is the first album that should be classified as belonging to the contemporary era of his work. It was the first album in which the computer alterations / pitch corrections of his voice are not at all subtle. His voice is also noticeably lower in this album and all of the ones that succeeded it, clearly due to a diminished capacity to hit high notes due to age. It’s sort of the first “Old Man Ozzy” album. Compare any of its tracks to No Rest for the Wicked side-by-side and you’ll likely hear the stark difference that I describe.

Walk on Water sounds more like late ’80s / early ’90s Ozzy to me. His voice is comparitively high and the alterations appear to be minimal (at least throughout the verses). If it was recorded during the Ozzmosis sessions, it would be an outlier.” Ozzy Osbourne ‘hates’ a Black Sabbath classic for a sad reason.