Ozzy Osbourne Arrest For Attacking Wife Revealed


Ozzy Osbourne and his wife Sharon Osbourne revealed a very dark time from their past to The Daily Mail for a new feature. The two recalled to the publication of when Osbourne woke up in a police station located in Buckinghamshire, England with no memory of all of how he got there. As it turns out, it was for quite a serious charge. This Ozzy Osbourne disturbing funeral announcement was freshly revealed.

“So I called the guard and said, ‘You’re going to think this is insane, but what have I done?’ He read the charge sheet and it said, “John Michael Osbourne, charged with attempted murder, Sharon Osbourne”.

It had turned out that “The Prince of Darkness” had attempted to murder his wife via strangulation, however, Sharon refused to press charges.

Ozzy continued:

“I couldn’t believe it when I heard. It was scary. I’d break my neck four more times to have had that not happen. I can’t even remember what happened.”

Ozzy Osbourne ‘cuddled’ with a younger woman in this unearthed photo. Sharon chimed in, later on, being asked why she continues to stand with her husband. Her response?

“Because I love him. He’s never done anything cruel when sober. And I’m proud of him. Despite everything he’s been through, a lot of which he’s done to himself, he keeps bouncing back. He’s like Iron Man.”

Ozzy’s Osbourne’s wonderfully gorgeous and talented daughter Kelly recently turned thirty-five and fans took to social media via the official Ozzy Osbourne Facebook page to send her countless birthday wishes. This Ozzy Osbourne disgusting eating photo was recently revealed.

Lora wrote: “Happy birthday Kelly Osbourne! I knew today was something, I just wasn’t sure. Damn. Have a great day. You have grown into a great woman making everyone group. We love you and hope and want the best for you and your future.”

Anthony replied: Happy Birthday Kelly! Looking good girl. You should really put together some kind of musical project. I would buy it. Nobody knows what would happen. I hope you get a chance to read this and think about it could be really cool.”

Cindy said: Happy Birthday! I’ve been watching you since you were young, has brought me joy. It’s the lavender hair and irresistible smile. Have a Fine and wonderful day.” You can read the full interview at Daily Mail.