Ozzy Osbourne Disturbing Funeral Announcement Revealed


Ozzy Osbourne proclaimed what his dying wish was in a new feature with The Daily Mail as well as what he wants to be done at his funeral. If you thought “The Prince of Darkness” biting the head off of a live bat was something of a signature for Osbourne, this has the potential to eclipse that on every single level. Ozzy Osbourne ‘cuddled’ with a younger woman in this unearthed photo.

“When I die and they’re nailing the lid on my coffin. I’m thinking of having them play a recording of my voice at the service, shouting, ‘I’m not dead yet!’ That’ll scare them!”

However, this final scary prank has a bit of a deeper meaning to it as well, as Osbourne elaborated: “With our kids, I was always on the road and stoned or whatever, so now with my grandchildren, it’s great to spend some quality time with them. I try to make amends to my son for me not being there when he was little.”

This Ozzy Osbourne disgusting eating photo was recently revealed. Jack Osbourne has three daughters named Pearl, Andy and Minnie, all by Lisa Stelly, an actress best known for her work in “Green Day: 21st Century Breakdown.”

Ozzy would continue later on: “I look at Minnie now they’ve got divorced and it breaks my heart because I always had a mum and dad there and I had that confidence behind me. I think it’s too easy to get divorced now, and the kids always suffer. But we give our grandchildren as much love as we can.”

He then would conclude about his family life: “They come here, pull my hair and smack me on the head with a plastic hammer. It’s lovely. We’re getting a bit like the Waltons!” You can read the full interview at Daily Mail.