Ozzy Osbourne Reveals Shaved Bald Head Photo


Legendary Black Sabbath frontman Ozzy Osbourne has revealed a photo of himself wearing a bald head prosthetic for the classic “Bark at the Moon” video, just a week after KISS icon Gene Simmons shared a photo of himself wearing a bald prosthetic. Ozzy Osbourne’s relative revealed how she was present during a tragic moment a few weeks ago.

greerclan commented, “Scarier when he was bald, I think.”

Timothy said, “I loved and still love that album. Jake gave his best effort. And I do still consider him a great guitarist. He just had some enormous shoes to fill with Randy’s passing.”

Ruth chimed in, “I remember this was inside the Bark At The Moon Album. Some had a little insert in there that showed this transformation 👍🏼👍🏼”

Ozzy Osbourne’s wife recently revealed a big name she allegedly kicked in the privates. Jake E. Lee told Ultimate Classic Rock about the making of the track in 2013, “Well, most of that was really me and [bassist] Bob Daisley. Because Ozzy would show up and kind of play around with songs. I remember that I had the riff for ‘Bark At The Moon’ and I played that, and he said, ‘Oh, I love it — we’ll call that one ‘Bark At The Moon’,’ because he already had the album title in mind. So he said, ‘That’s the one that’s going to be ‘Bark At The Moon’.’

He’d come in with things like that and then he’d drink, and he’d either pass out or leave, which left just me and Bob. We’d stay in the studio and flesh out the songs. It was fun working with Bob. He wrote all of the lyrics, [and he’s] a great lyricist. So yeah, me and Bob, we had a good working relationship. It was fun doing that record.”