Red Hot Chili Peppers Icon ‘Sickness’ Revealed After Firing


Red Hot Chili Peppers bassist Flea opened up about a past ‘sick’ performance following RHCP replacing Josh Klinghoffer with John Frusciante in a new social media post. Josh Klinghoffer ‘refusing’ a Red Hot Chili Peppers firing demand was just revealed.

Pam Stevens tweeted, “The show must go on! Years ago @flea333 was dead sick with the flu but didn’t want to disappoint the #Vancouver audience. There was a bucket just off stage so that he could sneak outta sight for a second, hurl, and the whole time just keep on rocking. #Pro.”

Flea responded, “Always no matter what.”

Salamanca_hector posted on Reddit, “John Frusciante performing Josh Klinghoffer songs. Not a frequent poster on reddit, but haven’t seen this discussed much. Curious if you guys think John will perform a lot of Josh’s songs from the last two albums (likely not his call) and also what songs from those albums you’re most excited to hear his take on? Mine are:

Goodbye Hooray (awesome outro solo)
Factory of Faith (think he’d have a field day with the guitar effects)
Dark Necessities (obviously)
Goodbye Angels
They don’t play those IWY songs enough…”

Matt_hughes614 wrote, “I don’t know why people say he definitely wont play Josh-written songs.

He didn’t play OHM because he said he didnt like the album, he said he didnt enjoy Dave in “his” band, and it’s reasonable to assume (without knowing him personally) that he doesn’t like remembering a lot from those years of his life – the mid 90s.

He’s played Hillel songs hundreds/thousands of times. He likes Josh as a friend to some degree (?), and he hand picked Josh to replace him in RHCP. He also said he liked The Getaway. I don’t think it’s very far-fetched.”

Matt_hughes614 chimed in, “As for my speculation on what songs, or what I’d like to hear: Dark Necessities is a RHCP setlist staple. I think it gets played. Same goes for Goodbye Angels.

I think Sick Love is very much his playing style anyway. (Or at least what his style was in the 2000s) I’d like to hear Meet Me At The Corner. Raindance Maggie outro jam would be dope too, as it was live with Josh.”

TorontoLDtutor concluded, “Dark Necessities is a staple because it’s the most popular song they wrote with Josh. That doesn’t mean it should still be a staple when the band is with John. There are so many incredible songs the band could play from John’s catalogue that would be more interesting than hearing Dark Necessities again.

Just pick almost any random song from Stadium Arcadium or forgotten gems on BTW like Minor Thing or This Is The Place.

Those songs deserve to be played. Haven’t Dark Necessities and Goodbye Angels already been played enough? So many of John’s songs are totally ignored, despite the incredible work that the band put into crafting them…..” Chad Smith revealed if he’s in a good mood after the Red Hot Chili Peppers firing a couple of days ago.