Rush Member Confirms Tragic Loss Of ‘My Brother’


Rush guitarist Alex Lifeson recently confirmed the loss of his ‘brother’ and ‘friend’ Jimmy ‘JJ’ Johnson on the band’s Instagram page. Rush retired in 2015 after the retirement of Neil Peart, but they have continued to update their social media. A Rush member revealed a bold Jimi Hendrix secret a few days ago.

Lifeson said, “Jimmy ‘JJ’ Johnson was a friend and brother since he joined the Rush crew nearly 45 years ago. He was my guitar tech for half that time and a dear friend for all of it who never failed to make me smile with his quick wit and infectious laugh. We shared so many moments together both on and off stage and as fellow Virgo’s, fussed over minute details in all things which made him the perfect partner in our guitar world. I’ll miss you, Gorgo. – Alex Lifeson

*pic1 – early Rush crew, taken Rexdale, Ontario, UTM Cafeteria at Erindale College; Liam Birt, Ian Grandy, and Jimmy Johnson backstage. 📷: Richard Fegley *pic2 – end of Roll The Bones tour picture, JJ is 4th from left in front row.”

Geddy Lee recently revealed a hilarious fat Rush bandmate photo. Rush celebrated the 25th anniversary of ‘Grace Under Pressure’ earlier this year, writing, “Celebrating 35 years of Grace Under Pressure, released April 12, 1984. Listen to ‘Distant Early Warning’ and all of your favorite Rush songs here: (link in bio). #graceunderpressure #kidgloves.”