Freddie Mercury Hurt After Fight With Surprising Boyfriend


Freddie Mercury dumped boyfriend Bill Reid shortly after a major fight led to him hurting his voice as he attempted to sing on Saturday Night Live in 1982. Freddie Mercury Club reported:

Queen at Saturday Night Live. On this day, on September 25th 1982, exactly 37 years ago today, Queen performed “Under Pressure” & “Crazy Little Thing Called Love” on Saturday Night Live. This date marked the end of their continental American tour. (Also their last appearance in America.). Freddie Mercury being spotted with a famous teen actress was revealed yesterday.

Saturday Night Live was also very important bc it was the first time the band had ever played at a very prestigious television show, watched nationwide by millions of people. The night before Freddie and his then boyfriend Bill Reid were fighting & had a screaming match (whom Fred thankfully dumped by the end of the tour.)

Freddie Mercury was caught flirting with a man on video. Here’s what happened next in Peter Freestone’s words:

“When Freddie awoke on Saturday morning he found he’d screamed himself hoarse the night before. We had a run-through of the show that day where Freddie merely spoke his way through…We spent the whole afternoon in one of the studio’s small bathrooms with the hot tap turned on & the door shut to create as much steam as possible & I dripped drops of the oil of Olbas to infuse the steam with healing efficacy.

The electric kettle was boiling constantly to supply hot water for the continual hot honey & lemon drinks I was making for Freddie. He spent the whole afternoon convinced he’d be unable to perform & felt he was letting the rest of the band down badly.”

Even though Freddie had lost most of his voice that day, he still managed to deliver his best with what is called a ‘showstopping’ performance.

Most people mimed these shows esp when they faced such a situation & Queen could have easily done the same but no not Freddie…He pours his heart and soul and puts on a show that no one can ever forget and you know what? Even with his hurt voice Freddie sings and sounds better than most!

P.S. This may not be one of Freddie’s best moments vocally but for me this is one of the STRONGEST and most PROFESSIONAL and INSPIRATIONAL moments in Freddie’s career and life because he faces what many couldn’t handle and gives his ALL when there’s actually no all to give at that point. What a man and what an incredible source of inspiration!” Freddie Mercury coming out of the closet to a rock icon was revealed last week.