Ozzy Osbourne Wife Reveals Corey Taylor Did To Her


Legendary Black Sabbath singer Ozzy Osbourne’s wife Sharon Osbourne gave major credit to Slipknot and Corey Taylor when they were namechecked to her in a new interview where she discussed Ozzfest, crediting them and a few others for kickstarting the brand. An alleged first ever new Slipknot member interview surfaced yesterday after his identity was reportedly revealed.

She told Celebrity Access, “We gave the stage to bands that could never have played in front of that many people. Bands that weren’t even signed. And it was just phenomenal. From that, a whole breed of festivals for harder-edged bands came about, and I am really proud of that. It was brilliant.”

Ozzy Osbourne’s ‘monster’ offer to a young singer was revealed a few days ago. Eriq Gardner tweeted on Thursday, “BREAK: Eminem’s publisher has filed a lawsuit with massive stakes. Spotify allegedly lacks license to stream “Lose Yourself” and more of rapper’s hits. The lawsuit also challenges the constitutionality of the Music Modernization Act.”

Corey Taylor responded, “This is going to be VERY interesting. Id the allegations are true, this is massive for we the artists. Ready the whole thread.”

Daniel Dekay tweeted a couple of days ago, “so @CoreyTaylorRock just came down in full makeup right before stage time to meet me and the rest of @BangerFilms crew backstage. he’s also currently sending @BradSeed selfies. what a legend.” Taylor responded, “You guys come to a second show, that’s Full Frontal.” Corey Taylor called out a horrible Slipknot performance last week.