Van Halen Icon Reveals Who Went Broke: ‘I Was Rich’


Former Van Halen frontman Sammy Hagar revealed that his new album ‘Space Between’ is about a character who lost a lot of money due to ‘greed.’ Who could it be based on? We can all speculate. Michael Anthony was recently stunned by a Van Halen fan’s money demand.

Hagar told Forbes

“It’s like a metaphor. In the album Space Between, I wrote a concept record about money, greed, enlightenment and truth. What happens is, in the songs, the guy lost everything. He was on top of the world, kicking ass, but he was an a**hole and greedy and it went to his head. Then he got bumped out of everything and it took that to have the enlightenment moment cause the enlightenment moment is when you are sitting there with nothing and you realize it’s not so bad. ‘This is better than when I was rich and powerful and all the hassles I had and f**king people and getting f**ked and all that stuff.’ When you got nothing you’re just sitting there going, ‘Wow, I don’t have any worries.’

I came from that place so I know that it does exist. It’s not where I am today, but it was important in my story. And the video cracks me up because we took a businessman and took his tie and put it around his head, he starts doing cartwheels down the street. I love it, I love enlightenment, that song to me is about that. You can really live that way if you can figure it out, but otherwise you gotta go through some s**t to get there. Most people start there, but they don’t realize it was a pretty good place to be, ‘No Worries.’ It’s kind of my lifestyle now, but I didn’t have to go through all that to get it.”

A Van Halen icon revealed a gross Howard Stern joke video earlier this week. Hagar and Michael Anthony recently appeared on the Stern show, just as reports came out that a Van Halen reunion tour seeing Anthony rejoin Eddie Van Halen, Alex Van Halen, and David Lee Roth fell apart. contemplated if Sammy Hagar would have had the same success without Van Halen on, “Would he be as rich as he is today? Maybe not…then again, maybe.

Sam is a pretty good businessman…Not necessarily in actually RUNNING a business, but having an eye for something that will sell and picking good partners to run it.

He was as big as he’d ever been right before he joined VH. No, he wasn’t as big as VH, but he was very popular, making millions, and had enough money to tell the world to go to hell already.

So he was super-successful. Whether he would have continued that success and gotten even bigger, stayed about the same level, or tanked….we’ll never know, because he joined VH and the rest if history.

The rest of his life after that, it would have gone much differently if he didn’t join VH. Does he ever leave his first wife if he’s not on the VH treadmill? Probably never meets the current wife. Does he ever go to Cabo and fall in love with Mexico, and learn about tequila? Who knows?

Too much speculation. All we can say is, he was successful before VH. He was even more successful during VH, and has thrived after VH.

Whether he would have been ‘as big’ or ‘as successful’ is unknowable. But if he wasn’t as successful as he is now, that doesn’t mean he was a flop. Plenty of artists have less than VH-level runs and are still very successful. VH is not the bar for success at all.” A Van Halen icon took a savage shot at Bono Jovi last week.