Ozzy Osbourne ‘Monster’ Offer To Young Singer Revealed


Legendary Black Sabbath frontman Ozzy Osbourne was so impressed with Rival Sons when he first saw them, that he and Sharon Osbourne invited singer Jay Buchanan to bring his band to the ‘Monsters of Rock’ festival in Brazil. An Ozzy Osbourne ‘Crack Cocaine’ revelation with a big name was detailed last week.

Jay Buchanan told The Art And Span Show, “We had played an awards ceremony out in Los Angeles where we were being honored for something. It just so happened that Ozzy and Sharon [Osbourne were] there, along with a long list of living legends. We played a couple of songs and really burned it down. After that set, we were out in the press tent area doing interviews and different things, and we passed by Ozzy Osbourne. He and Sharon just start talking to us and they’re loving it.

A couple of days later, they contact our management. They say, ‘You guys need to make it down to Brazil for Monsters Of Rock.’ I think they were getting a litmus test to see how we did playing in front of 100,000 people, how we handled a big stage. We did that. Then they asked us to be the sole opening act for Sabbath’s final tour. That tour lasted over a year.”

He added, “What they effectively did is they gave us the opportunity to receive an education that you can’t get any other way: ‘Hey, we’ll give you our arena for 45 minutes every night. There you go. Go learn how to be an arena band.’ And they did that for over a year. That is real. That is a real leg up.

That’s what you read about in the books for other bands getting a leg up from another legend. They gave us that opportunity and it absolutely gave us that taste of blood. After that tour, we decided we will never eat at the kids’ table again. We’re going to do this for real now.” A relative recently revealed how a man made Ozzy Osbourne cry.