Halfwait’s The Official Is Seamless Hybrid Of Grunge And Punk For Foo Fighters Fans


When you think of music hailing from Australia, grunge and alternative rock may not be the first styles that come to mind. Well- if Halfwait has their way- that sentiment is soon to change. Possessing a seamless hybrid style of guttural grunge and off the wall punk rock, Halfwait cannot be stopped in their prowess of rock and roll domination!

The power trio have just delivered the goods and more on their latest album, The Official. Building upon their strong ability to craft timeless rock songs dripping in attitude and melody, the eleven songs that make up The Official stand out as true testaments to the band’s undeniable strengths. If you take one track from this album (and the would be a sin because there is not a dull moment to be found throughout), it would be “Who Are You?”

If you want to talk about an instantly melodic, sing-along-able chorus, well this could serve as the definition of that. But while the chorus will no doubt crawl under your skin and stay with you long after listening, the song really works because of instrumentation. The quiet verse-loud chorus attack perfectly sets up the chorus to help elevate its attack and its impact.

In a song full of great instrumentation, hats off to drummer Chris Tallon. The drumming throughout- and specifically under the guitar solo is killer. The song is littered with blink and you’ll miss them drum rolls and fills. The solid work of bassist Nick Sero only helps solidify this great rhythm section’s ability to drive a song through a wonderful groove.

John Barca, pulling double duty with vocals and the guitar work, no doubt has a knack for writing great lyrics. He’s no slouch on the guitar, either. What’s wonderful about Halfwait is that the band is made up of three really solid musicians coming together to create something larger. It’s cliché but they serve a great example to other bands. Learn your instruments and work off each other- not against each other. For Halfwait- the proof is all over The Official.

Make sure to check out The Official! Halfwait may very well be the rightful heirs to the alternative rock movement carried on so elegantly by Green Day and Foo Fighters before them. Enjoy!