Patrick Grant’s ‘Fields Amaze’ Receives Three Grammy Entries


Written by Greg Prato. Photo by Bob Krasner

Last year, Alternative Nation praised composer-guitarist Patrick Grant’s album, Fields Amaze and other sTRANGE music. And it turns out that the applause was indeed well deserved, as the album has three entries in the running for selection for the 62nd Grammy Awards taking place January 2020 – Best Contemporary Instrumental Album (for Fields Amaze), Best Instrumental Composition (for “Keeping Still”), and Best Chamber Music/Small Ensemble Performance (for “Imaginary Horror Film – Part 2″).

Described as “Unexpected rhythms, outside of the box instrumentation and a completely, uncompromising barrage of artistic individuality” by Alt Nation’s Joe Hughes, several genres are touched upon concerning Grant’s original style/approach, which blends together instrumental, experimental/avant-garde, prog, jazz, and soundscapes. To sample some sounds, visit this link (which also includes ordering info):

And Grant continues to offer up original sounds and uncommon approaches, as evidenced by the emergence of a huge guitar orchestra project, entitled Tilted Axes: Music for Mobile Electric Guitars. As explained on the project’s Facebook page:

“The process is simple: When a festival or other institution wishes to stage a Tilted Axes event, a call is put out to local guitarists to apply to participate. When an ensemble is selected from the applicants, they are given via MP3s and PDFs the music to be performed at the event so they can learn it in advance. A week before the event, Grant arrives and rehearses the local musicians in the various techniques of musical performance, improvisation, and staging that make up the procession itself. A procession route within the host city is predetermined. The routes often include city squares, centers of transportation, and indoor structures like museums. The procession is accompanied by posters and placards which let the public know more about the event, sponsors, the hosting organization, and its purpose.”

Just this July, the group offered a narrative procession with original music for mobile electric guitars through the Michigan Science Center in commemoration of the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon landing. This event was part of Detroit’s 27th Annual Concert of Colors with three performances given to the public. For a taste of what to expect from the project, feel free to consult the following links:

VIDEO – Tilted Axes: Performing “Techno Tilt” on FOX 2 Detroit

VIDEO – Tilted Axes: “On the Steps of the Kresge Court”

It also turns out that Grant has made a friend out of one of rock’s all-time great guitarists – King Crimson’s Robert Fripp (who has also worked with Peter Gabriel, David Bowie, Talking Heads, etc.), as Grant spent some time with the Orchestra of Crafty Guitarists, which was directed by Fripp.

And besides the aforementioned projects and accomplishments, Grant will continue to work on creating new music performances for planetariums and museums and other concerts, and completing a new album – tentatively called ‘Memes and Variations.’ To follow this talented musician, be sure to check out his social media pages: