Paul McCartney Announces Sickness ‘With Constant Pain’


The Beatles icon Paul McCartney has released a new video for PETA on Twitter where he discussed the horrific diseases pigs get when being prepared for slaughter. Alternative Nation transcribed McCartney’s remarks. McCartney showed off his muscles in a shirtless photo he posted yesterday.

“Pigs are more intelligent than dogs, even outperforming some primates on a variety of tasks, such as operating interactive video games. They have cognitive abilities beyond those of three year old human children, yet on factory farms they are imprisoned in crowded, filthy conditions. Many will go insane from the stress, abuse, and the complete lack of mental stimulation. Breeding sows are treated like machines, forced to churn out litter after litter.

They give birth in barren stalls without enough room even to nuzzle their piglets. Conditions are so dismal in today’s pig breeding facilities that sickness and death of piglets is common, and considered acceptable by the industry. Pigs are bred to grow unnaturally fast, which causes injury, sickness, and constant pain.”

Paul McCartney was photographed driving a ‘party girl’ in Beverly Hills recently. Paul McCartney recently announced his book ‘Hey Grandude.’ SusyLuvsPaul wrote on the official McCartney forums, “That’s real cute. Looks and sounds charming. Paul could have illustrated it himself, he’s such an outstanding, unique visual artist; I would have loved to see his drawings and paintings for this project. These are good too.

I’m a bit puzzled wondering aren’t all his grandkids almost teens, now? And the eldest, Arthur, is a teen, a freshman at Harvard. It doesn’t matter if they’re a bit older than very young kids. They will still enjoy and prize this children’s book for them.”