Paul McCartney Photographed Driving Younger ‘Party Girl’


The Beatles icon Paul McCartney getting married a third time was a surprise after his ugly divorce with Heather Mills, but a new photo has surfaced of him driving his latest wife Nancy Shevell in Beverly Hills. Paul McCartney was recently photographed bending over for money.

Paul told Australia’s 60 minutes about his wife, “She’s a party girl. She’s a music fan. She actually came to see me a while ago, when I was playing at Madison Square Garden.”

Ringo Starr discussed taking photos with Paul McCartney and their Beatles bandmates in a new People interview.

Room trashing was never really Starr’s thing. These days he keeps busy on tour with photography. It’s a passion that first began during his tours with the Beatles. “There’s only like five photos of me from age 1 to age 17. When I joined the Beatles and got some money, we all got cameras. I seemed to be the one using them the most. We all took photos, everybody. John took photos, George and Paul took photos. I just kept it up.” These vintage shots formed the bulk of his 2013 photo-memoir Photograph, but more recently he’s graduated from film to digital photos. Paul McCartney made a bold Leonardo DiCaprio revelation last week, about how Leo showed up the same place as Ringo!

“I’ve turned into one of those people now, I mainly take phone pictures. There’s like 2,500 right now on my phone.” He opens the camera roll on his touch screen and shows me some of his latest. There’s a serene cloudscape over the Detroit River outside his hotel room (“I just looked out the window and I thought, ‘I’ve got to shoot that.’”) and a whimsical fish-eye self-portrait taken through the reflection of a lamp in his room. “That’s pretty cool. I’m going to post that later,” he says, acting as his own social media manager. “The people who know me on Twitter can tell when I’m on tour. They see these crazy pictures. I send them pictures of spoons, or a face in my dinner.” Paul McCartney’s website recently speculated on if Ringo Starr hurt himself during their reunion performance last month.