Paul McCartney Creepy Party Video Leaked By Daughter


Paul McCartney and his daughter Stella McCartney posted a hilarious yet bizarre video to ring in the new year. The video is of Stella singing along to the classic Rhianna track ‘We Found Love’ with Sir Paul right behind her, dancing and trying on weird New Years’ Eve hats. You can view the video below. Good thing McCartney didn’t give his best Calvin Harris impersonation. Paul McCartney Brutally rips John Lennon family.

In other news revolving the Beatles and Paul McCartney fans recently took to the Beatles subreddit to pay tribute and a very happy birthday to George Martin. Martin was referred to as the ‘fifth Beatle’ in reference to his extensive involvement on each of the Beatles’ original albums. Martin passed away back in 2016 at the age of 90.

One fan noted: “Brian Epstein was said to be the 5th Beatle but Brian wasn’t a musician he was someone who was excited by the Beatles and wanted to share them with everybody else. If not for him they might well have stayed famous in Liverpool for a couple of more years and done not much else. George Martin was the 5th Beatle because he very quickly understood how The Beatles worked and didn’t mess with it. But from the start and to the end he was an invaluable producer and interpreter and scorer of their ideas and sometimes added his own ideas into songs with an amazing effect. The speeded-up piano solo on ‘In My Life’ is just amazing. I would have loved to have heard how he would have scored ‘She’s Leaving Home'” Paul McCarney ‘refuses’ listening to John Lennon songs.

While another fan replied: “His acting skills on ‘Give my Regards to Broad Street’ have always been underrated. He really shines in that movie, no mean feat when playing alongside the very talented Brian Brown.” Paul McCartney ‘turned down’ by famous woman.