Metallica Singer James Hetfield ‘Getting Out’ Of Rehab Leaks


Fans of James Hetfield and Metallica recently took to the group’s subreddit to discuss when the lead singer could be expected to get out of rehab, with a new report that he was ‘doing well’ there as of a month ago. One user, pfstl kicked things off by saying: “I used to follow this band religiously but not so much anymore. I remember hearing he went back into rehab months ago but I’ve heard nothing since. Are there any updates?” James Hetfield ‘anger’ at Jason Newsted quitting Metallica leaks.

This lead to a flurry of responses by the Metallica faithful. UnforgivenI said: “He needs time. I don’t expect any updates only if they would have to cancel shows because of that, that would [the] be only update probably.” Whereas Serosis put: “If there were any news it would be on their main website or their Instagram. We aren’t really going to know anything outside speculation.”

This Metallica bassist reveals if James Hetfield fired him. Another fellow Reddit user, RatedStinger responded: “I dont think we’re gonna know until James is close to or out of rehab. All we can do is wish him well until then.” While FuriousSherman replied: “We don’t need updates nor do we deserve them. Whatever James does to get himself back on track is his business and his alone.”

This led the original poster of the topic to proclaim: ” [I] didnt want specific details. I truly only heard he was going to rehab months ago and thought I was hearing rumblings of shows and festivals and was thinking “wait are they back out on tour already?” and for whatever reason, I didn’t think to simply google it, if that’d even bring back reliable information anyway aside from older interviews. Thanks anyway.”

In other news revolving James Hetfield and Metallica fans recently took to social media to reflect on one of Metallica’s most impactful albums – Garage Inc. One fan wrote: “I thought that this was a great buy especially considering it gave me a better idea of where one of the greatest bands drew its inspiration. Everything from folk style songs (e.g. Whiskey in a Jar, Turn the Page, and Tuesday’s Gone) to surpass heavy songs (e.g. Am I Evil, Blitzkrieg) to the excellent cover of Queen’s “Stone Cold Crazy” are all some of the great variety you can see here. Many complain that Metallica became sellouts for ditching their traditional thrash, but I think this goes to show that they wanted to become more accessible by crunching human stories into some of their later work instead of singing constantly about revenge, death, and chaos like countless other metal acts.

Metallica ‘lose’ singer After James Hetfield drama. The fan continued: “Though the first disk has the more recent songs that veer into the style of “Load” and “Reload,” the second disk contains all the B-sides and covers from their earlier career as is noticeable by James’ higher vocal range. I think there is a little bit of everything to get a taste of from this set for anyone with an open mind.”