Paul McCartney ‘Turned Down’ By Famous Woman


The acclaimed co-founder of the Beatles, Paul McCartney recently gave an interview to Penguin Books and the Penguin Books’ podcast, The Penguin Podcast about McCartney’s latest children book “Hey Grandude”. Paul McCartney calls out ‘spoiled’ family in video.

Paul McCartney horrible beard photo revealed by wife. Here, McCartney discusses how the process of putting the book together was originally tougher than anticipated as the publisher for the book initially did not want him talking to the book’s illustrator, Catherine Durst. Alternative Nation transcribed McCartney’s comments.

Interviewer: It’s interesting, you didn’t want to take on the drawing [for Hey Granddude] yourself then, you’ve got an amazing illustrator, Catherine Durst.

Paul McCartney: Yes, she is fantastic.

Interviewer: How does that collaboration work then?

McCartney: Well it’s interesting actually because the publishers didn’t want me talking to the illustrator. Which I thought was, ‘wow’, because anything else I do people are quite happy for me to talk to. Then I thought, and I still haven’t had it confirmed but I think they’ve probably had some nightmare dealings between the illustrator and the author. Saying “no, no, no I can’t have him in that tie or she doesn’t look like that, her hair’s much longer! And it’s holding up the process so the publisher is probably thinking: “Nah, let’s keep them apart” and they create a wall between you. But I insisted and said: “look, I’m not gonna cause any trouble, I get it and I think I know what you’re worried about.” So I rang her and there was a little bit of collaboration actually. I think everything was better for it.

In other news revolving Paul McCartney fans recently took to social media to review the aforementioned ‘Hey Grandude’. One fan stated: Grandude is the older male equivalent of a Mary Poppins. He is watching his Chillers (grandchildren), they are antsy on a rainy day and hopeful for adventure, and through a magical postcard, their grandfather delivers. As the grands are whisked around the world in a series of speedy encounters with the daring and the dangerous, they are in turns delighted and a bit fearful. When the adventures finally come to an end, everyone is ready for a return to a more sedate everyday life.” Paul McCartney holding two women in a bar photo was just revealed.