Gene Simmons ‘Loses It’ In Bad Gas Station Video


Gene Simmons is never one to reject a challenge as he took to social media via Twitter to answer the challenge of ‘Snakeboarding’ by his daughter, the sporty Sophie Simmons, and he really appeared to lose himself in something new! Snakeboarding, also known as streetboarding, or pivotboarding, is performed on a board that was invented in South Africa in 1989 by James Fisher, Simon King and Oliver Macleod Smith. The concept was to fuse the original skateboard with elements of snowboarding and surfing to create a fun riding experience. The first prototype was constructed using two square wooden boards, an old roller skate chopped in half, and a piece of plumbing pipe to join them together. Gene Simmons reveals ‘dying’ Paul Stanley photo.

Simmons wrote on Twitter: “What’s a challenge?” then proceeded to dance in the middle of the gas station where he was filming. We aren’t too sure if Gene can take on his highly athletic and nimble daughter at his age but would love to see a snakeboard challenge between the two. Gene Simmons daughter holiday ‘night gown’ revealed.

In other news regarding Gene Simmons, the father of Sophie Simmons, fans recently took to social media to discuss the legacy and impact of one of the group’s most surprising albums – ‘Unmasked’. One fan said: “This isn’t one my favorite KISS albums but I still like it from time to time. I recently started acquiring KISS albums on vinyl and when the price dropped on this one I was thrilled to get it. I’ve always liked the cover and to have it LP-size is awesome. Also included is a poster. The album itself arrived in perfect condition and sounds great. The 4 stars is for the music on the album. This was KISS in their pop/disco phase. Not their best stuff but as fan who has all their albums I like it fine and I’m really excited to add this to my KISS LP collection.” Gene Simmons calls out ‘stupid’ KISS member performance.