Paul McCartney ‘Date’ With Jon Bon Jovi Photo Leaks


At one of the most recent tour dates for The Eagles over in Madison Square Garden a couple of days ago, Sir Paul McCartney can be seen schmoozing it up and ‘taking it to the limit’ with fellow rock legend, Jon Bon Jovi and his wife – Dorothea. A double date! You can view the photos below. Howard Stern unloaded last year on this ‘terrible’ The Eagles performance.

In other news featuring The Eagles, fans took to the music subreddit to discuss why, in the eyes of the original poster of this new topic, the Eagles seem to get hardly any critical respect.

Neverthoughtidjoin took a stab at the question asked by saying: “There are a few reasons, some of which I don’t agree with. I can come up with three. First, soft rock generally gets little critical respect — it’s not just Eagles (the members say the band’s name is incorrect if you put the in front of it), but America and others. I tend not to agree with considering some genres “better” than others as it’s so subjective.”

He continued: “Secondly: “Their albums (especially outside of Hotel California, the one critically respected album they put out) do have a steep dropoff after the two or three hits. This is very unlike The Beatles (or other critically beloved groups like Led Zeppelin) and more like Foreigner or Bon Jovi, two other bands critics have never liked.”

The user concluded: “Lastly, expectations play into critics’ thoughts. The band took three years to put out The Long Run. In 2000s terms that’s like a six or seven-year gap. And then The Long Run was a decent album with some great songs and some filler. And after all the wait, that was very disappointing and the album’s reputation has never recovered.” AC/DC singer leaked this album last summer with The Eagles icon.