Paul McCartney Leaks Creepy George Harrison Death Photo


The Beatles superfan Victoria over on Twitter recently posted this haunting picture of George Harrison and Paul McCartney recently. With the picture came this piece of wild information as the fan posted: “Did y’all know that Paul McCartney [was] convinced that John Lennon haunted the recording of the 1995 Beatles single “Free As A Bird” in the form of a white peacock?” Paul McCartney calls out sad George Harrison mistake.

In other George Harrison news, fans recently took to social media to revisit one of Harrison’s beloved albums – Brainwashed. One fan wrote: “Over the last several years friends and colleagues would ask me about my opinion/taste with regard to the post-Beatle solo albums. Sure, I like each former member of the Fabs: Ringo’s records are at times finger-snapping commercial pop, or excellent country-western songs, or needless filler; Paul’s records were consistently good up through the late 90s, with frequent glimpses of the genius composer/musician he is; John’s records were either ear-splittingly angry or heartwarmingly beautiful; And George’s records are the most consistently polished and tasteful body of work by any artist in rock history — including the laryngitic vocals on “Dark Hoarse”.

The fan continued: “True, Harrison’s choices of the original Phil Spector and the new Phil Spector — Jeff Lynne — have proved mindblowing, but even if this were a collection of acoustic demos the playing, singing and writing would still be there. It’s becoming well-known that George retired, over the past decade, to his gardens and ukelele collection and family life. Buy this album because it is a continuation of the craftsmanship of Cloud Nine and the previous albums.” Paul McCartney revealed if he hated George Harrison in December.
The fan concluded: “Devil & The Deep Blue Sea” is the excellent bow that Harrison has taken over many albums to the vast oeuvre of pre-Sinatra American ditties, and would’ve been at least the B-side to a 45 (if we still had ’em). Biting wit, corny charm, that trademark voice and guitar style…what more can one ask? How about a bonus DVD showing a clip of the abovementioned song, interviews with Beatle George lookalike winner and son Dhani, co-producer and co-Wilbury Jeff Lynne, longtime skin-beater Jim Keltner, and The Reclusive One himself. This package is a blessing. If further archive material comes out, IT MUST BE of this production and artistic caliber!” John Lennon’s ‘goodbye’ letter to George Harrison was also revealed.