Corey Taylor ‘Wet Accident’ At Slipknot Show Revealed


Slipknot icon Corey Taylor shared a story during an interview with Kerrang Magazine about putting on his new mask on for the first time during the ‘We Are Not Your Kind’ Tour. Credit to for the transcription. Corey Taylor makes this ‘offensive’ Pearl Jam announcement.

“It’s all about breaking it in. Once you establish the right balance between pain and pleasure, that’s when you stop realizing that you’re wearing a mask and it becomes a part of the show. For me, there are two ways to wear a mask: one is for a photoshoot and the other is for a live show. For a live show, I have to belt that thing on so tight it gives me a migraine because I’m swinging my fucking head at the speed of sound and that thing can fly off at any second.”

Corey Taylor’s wife called out this ‘mistake’ at a Slipknot concert last month. Taylor continued: “I had that happen at Ozzfest 2001 in Kansas City, right in the middle of playing ‘People = Shit.’ Mid-slam I feel a lot of air on my head, my eyes are closed, and there I am with my weird f**kin’ blue-blonde hair on show. I had to slowly bend down and put the mask back on. That’s when I realized I had to belt that shit on until it’s uncomfortable. We have to make our masks as durable as possible because these things will fly off in a heartbeat.”

Too much sweat led to a wet accident! Taylor then gave a glimpse on his upcoming plans for the new year and beyond stating: “bMore touring with Slipknot, but I’m also starting to get material together for a solo album that I’m going to record in 2021. I’ve got about 26 songs written for it. It’s going to be the best ’90s album ever. That’s the only way I can really describe it. Some of it is a reflection of being sick and tired of this nutless rock ‘n’ roll I’ve seen lately that is real soft.”

The Slipknot singer also said: “I like my rock ‘n’ roll to kick me in the f**king nuts. That’s just me though, I’m a f**king dick! Other than that, I wrote a script for a horror movie that I’m really stoked about. And I just broke the skin on book five, so I’m working on that as well. I’ve got a lot of things going on, but I’m also making sure there’s plenty of time for my family, my marriage and home. God knows, you never know how much time you’re gonna get there.” Corey Taylor made a Slipknot ‘ending’ claim not too long ago.