Metallica Icon Calls Out Blatant Dave Mustaine Ripoff


We recently reported how one time Metallica bassist Ron McGovney took to social media via Twitter to discuss the fact that he had an extended version of one of Metallica’s most known demo tapes entitled ‘No Life Til’ Leather’ and how he hoped for the band to put out the extended version. McGovney and Dave Mustaine were in the early Metallica lineup, and it’s definitely a ripoff for their time in the band to not deserve the utmost respect.

In a follow-up to this story, we can report that McGovney responded to a fan who asked about the demo being released on CD back in 1982 and claiming that he had a copy of ‘No Life’ along with ‘Power Metal’. The user – MetalDude1979 stated: “Ron, so I’ve had the March 82 demo/Power Metal and No Life from a CD you put out years ago that had a Power Metal business card cut into the front of the CD booklet. Was there any other unreleased material that you had or was that it for you he extended-release?”

Jason Newsted recently reunites with Metallica in an emotional photo. Which led the former Metallica member to say that he ‘never put out any CDs’ and leaving the Twitter user surprised as he responded: “Do you have any idea who put this out? I’ve had it for probably 15+ years now and the guy that got it for me lived in LA, said you had a hand in putting them out…. Have you ever seen it before?”

This Metallica ex-bassist confirms rumor: ‘here we go again’. Quick to burst the user’s bubble, McGovney wrote back that it was a falsehood and forgery by stating it was a bootleg: “I have never seen this before. It looks like a lot of my pictures from my canceled Facebook account. Sorry, but it’s just another random bootleg.”