Paul McCartney Leaves Massive Tip At Restaurant


Santa Paul, Santa Paul, Santa Paul McCartney! Paul McCartney the iconic bassist of the Beatles has proven once again why he is the most given and charitable individuals in all of rock music, if not all of music entirely. A Paul McCartney superfan recently took to social media to verify this and tell his account on how the man that they call  ‘Macca’ decided to do something truly selfless for a fan at a local cafe and pay the man’s bill for lunch. Paul McCartney ‘angers’ Michael Jackson in studio photo.

The original poster who tweeted out this event said: “Paul McCartney in our cafe just chilling, he paid for my lunch, which was lovely.”

We aren’t entirely sure what McCartney and this fan had for lunch but I’m certainly sure it was a moment that will not be soon forgotten.

This Paul McCartney ‘dirty’ bedroom secret was recently revealed. In other news regarding Sir Paul, fans recently took to social media via Paul McCartney’s official Facebook page to reflect on their favorite memories regarding ‘Band on the Run’, which just celebrated it’s most recent anniversary this week.

David said: “I actually spoke to Dan Armstrong shortly before he died and he was telling me the story about that guitar he sent you. He was the only left-handed one ever made during his lifetime and I believe another one was made in the early 2000s for Elliot Easton from the cars.”

These Paul McCartney ‘depressing’ airport photos were just revealed. Whereas Wilson wrote: “1973 that is six before I saw him perform Goodnight tonight on Italian TV in 1979. As a little boy my mum who had lived in the UK and was familiar with the Beatles said these are British and he kept saying they are, they are because the face was Paul but the hairstyle wasn’t that of the Beatles and of course she didn’t know the Beatles were long gone and a band wings have been formed.”

While Rex put: “Paul at full confidence post-Beatles era. I love how one instrument simply leads the way on a tune. In this case Mrs. Vanderbilt. My favorite on that album. Pauls’s bass playing takes it all the way home.