Paul McCartney Reveals What Howard Stern Did To His Wife


Howard Stern recently discussed he and his wife having dinner with Paul McCartney, his wife, and Jon Bon Jovi. Paul McCartney revealed an ‘overweight’ secret a few days ago. recapped: Howard said he saw Jon Bon Jovi and Dorothea. He said he had some chow with them. He said he’s great. He said he loves that guy. He said he had a night. He said he and Jon got together. He said he’s known him since he started his career. He said they went out to eat and then Paul McCartney showed up. He said he was like ”Whoa” when he saw him. He said he asked what’s up. He said Paul was asking Beth what’s up with the cats and all of that. He said he didn’t know what to do or say with Paul there. He said he sat down with a bunch of people. He said Paul told him he’s coming on the show tomorrow. He said it was the day of their vacation starting though so he doesn’t know if he showed up again.

Howard said Beth told him that Paul wanted to be interviewed again. Howard said he didn’t mean it when he said it. He said when that guy starts talking he doesn’t know what he’s saying. He said that guy is like his hero. He said he told Beth the guy was just kidding around. Robin said he has said he wants to have a great, definitive interview with him. Howard said he wants Paul to come in with a guitar and piano and play songs.

Howard said Paul has so many great songs. Robin said he can’t play them all. She said he’d have to pick.

Howard said he thought Paul was kidding. Robin said maybe Gary can make a friendly call.

Howard said Paul said he’d be there the next day but they weren’t going to be there. He said he’d have to be interviewed by Steve Nowicki or someone. He said Paul’s wife was very nice to him too. He said he felt like he was in show biz.

Howard said that was that. Robin said that’s amazing. Howard said it’s amazing that anyone is nice to him. He said Paul seemed happy to see him. Robin said he’s always had a good time when he comes in there.

Howard took a call from a woman who said one of the teachers from her kid’s school went to Cabo with her family and the whole family came down with this Dengue fever. Howard said he remembers that being a problem back in the 70s. The caller said that the three family members are still sick after weeks. Howard said he smashed that big mosquito and he had blood all over him. He said Dengue fever might be how Beetlejuice was born. Howard revealed an ’embarrassing’ Neil Young performance last week.