Paul McCartney Getting ‘Overweight’ Revealed In Sad Photo


Paul McCartney recently unveiled his Vegan family Christmas dinner plan in an interview with BBC. Alternative Nation transcribed his comments.

“We have a food company which produces a roast, so we actually have a veggie roast, and I am called upon. Carving! Ceremonial, ceremoniously. The thing about it is you have all the other stuff. We’ll have friends around who will try it, they say, ‘I love this!’ It’s evolving, as we all are, as the planet is, our dietary tastes. It’s not just the veggie thing. There are so many things evolving alongside it. It’s a great thing. When I was in school, the idea of being in a gym was horrific. You wouldn’t catch me near a gym. I’m evolving!” Paul McCartney calls out ‘spoiled’ family in video.

The Beatles fans on Reddit recently discussed what would have happened if the band never existed. Zoffiee posted, “Who would’ve been the big band of the 60s if the Beatles didn’t exist? Obviously, the movie Yesterday got everyone thinking what life would’ve been like without the most famous band of all time (because the movie surely didn’t do a good enough job exploring that topic). I think the biggest question has to be: who would have conquered the music scene if not the Beatles?” Paul McCartney holding two women in a bar photo was just revealed.

Im14andthisissodeep said, “Stones or The Beach Boys.” Tplgigo chimed in, “Despite their inspiration on the Beatles, I was there in the 60s and the Beach Boys were really not that popular outside of AM radio as they didn’t tour too much, were more pop and not rock, weren’t very good live and their music did not have any cross over appeal, especially after 65-66. The Stones were much bigger unlike the BB, their appeal continued to rise as the years went on as the anointed ‘bad boys’ of rock..”

TormentedThoughtsToo wrote, “Between these two, it would have to be The Beach Boys right? The beginning of the Stones career is so influenced by the Beatles (manager, billed as anti-Beatles, I wanna be your man) that if Beatles don’t exist then Stones can’t exist as we know them either. Beach Boys probably too. But, being American and existing prior to Beatles gives them a heads up.

Jotyma5 commented, “After Pet Sounds, The Beach Boys weren’t that important. They had “Good Vibrations” and that was about it. The Stones only got bigger and bigger, and had their biggest 4 albums from 68-72.” Paul McCartney’s disturbing John Lennon death remark just leaked.