Paul McCartney Reveals What He Did To Lesbians


A rare video of Paul McCartney being asked about writing a song for The Beatles about lesbians was recently uploaded to Twitter. McCartney was definitely a trailblazer with his early references to the LGBTQ community. Paul McCartney detailed a sickness last weekend ‘with constant pain.’

A reporter asked, “I’d like to direct this question to Mr. Lennon and Mr. McCartney. In a recent article, Time magazine put down pop music, and they referred to ‘Daytripper’ as being about a prostitute, and ‘Norwegian Wood (This Bird Has Flown)’ as being about a lesbian. I just wanted to know what your intent was when you wrote it, and what your feeling is about the Time magazine criticism of the music that is being written today.”

McCartney quipped, “We were just trying to write songs about prostitutes and lesbians, that’s all.”

Paul McCartney recently posted a blog about artist Eduardo Paolozzi on his official website. A sad Paul McCartney restaurant photo was revealed earlier this week.

They wrote, “You’ll find his brightly coloured glass mosaics along the London Underground’s Northern and Central line platforms and walkways: interconnected shapes and figures capturing constant motion, the fast flow and colour of people making their way. Completed in 1986, these patterns took the vivid colours and motifs – the whirring cogs of industry, butterflies, heads – that Paolozzi had used in his art over the decades.

Commuters become a mirror to the constantly evolving man-and-machine imagery; they pass swiftly through the patterns, from one colour combination to the next, as they throw out a rocket, a camera, a bird. It’s like a palace full of pop images.”