Pearl Jam & Melvins Members Record Soundgarden Tribute


The Pearl Jam and Soundgarden fans will be rejoiced to hear that Pearl Jam and Soundgarden drummer Matt Cameron recently recorded a cover of Soundgarden’s “Spoonman” with the Melvins, who ecently released a 4-tracks EP in digital format and on CD titled “Lord of The Flies”. Among the songs also included a powerful version of ‘Spoonman.’

Matt Cameron and Melvins record songs

On their new EP ‘Lord of The Flies’, Melvins played Soundgarden’s Spoonman with Matt Cameron. Melvins had performed a cover of “Spoonman” during 2019’s “I Am The Highway” Chris Cornell tribute, and now fans will finally get to listen to the recorded version. The track, which features Soundgarden/Pearl Jam drummer Matt Cameron doing double duty with Melvins percussionist Dale Crover, appears on the band’s recently released Lord of the Flies EP. Crover was also briefly a past drummer for Nirvana before Dave Grohl joined the band.

Previously Melvins frontman Buzz Osborne had discussed Kurt Cobain’s death ‘ruining’ Nirvana in a new The Pit interview:

“Oh, yeah, that was quite a while ago when that happened, years ago. It wasn’t right after he died because that town is slow-moving when it comes to things of that nature. But even they couldn’t deny somebody selling 100,000,000 records from that town, they couldn’t deny that, as much as they probably wanted to.

And when that happened, I think they expected me to be all-loving and happy about the whole thing, but I had a very unhappy experience living and growing up there, and I feel like my life really started after I left it. I don’t have good things to say or good memories. I’m not really a good-old-days person anyway. I tend to look back at all of that stuff, especially the Nirvana stuff – it’s ruined by how all that ended. Honestly, I would rather have him be alive and unfamous than famous and dead.”