Paul McCartney Reveals Why John Lennon Was ‘Jealous’


Paul McCartney was interviewed by the BBC recently to discuss various topics. Here, the iconic co-vocalist of the Beatles discussed how late Beatles legend John Lennon was visibly embarrassed during an encounter in New York City where a pianist who recognized him started to him the group’s hit track, ‘Yesterday’ only for Lennon to mumble under his breath ‘that’s Paul’s [song]’. Alternative Nation transcribed the comments below. Paul McCartney revealed recently if John Lennon went broke.

Paul McCartney: “The worst thing for John [Lennon] was that he didn’t write ‘Yesterday’, I did and he would get really quite biffed because you would be in New York and the pianist would go and hum the song. That would annoy him. Rush singer Geddy Lee was disrespected by Paul McCartney the other day.

Mary McCartney: I think I get through a whole day without a reference to you and I’ll see a sign in a shop and then an advert will come up with the song. So that’s the challenge.

Stella McCartney: I actually don’t do that, no.

Mary: How can you get toward the end of the day and not text dad?

Stella: Well Mary is your favorite child, we established that.

Paul: We aren’t getting into that, I love both my children equally.

Paul McCartney recently wrapped up his 2020 North American ‘Freshen Up’ tour, and he is currently working on a new musical project for 2020.