Paul McCartney Reveals If John Lennon Went Broke


Paul McCartney was interviewed by the BBC recently to discuss various topics. Here, the iconic co-vocalist of the Beatles exposed a look into his Beatles past where he would have to be apart of some ‘very heavy and difficult’ business meetings regarding the ‘Fab Four’ right during the group’s break up. Paul McCartney wife revealed what Neil Young did to her. He admitted that he and John Lennon lost a lot of money, according to their business advisors.

As McCartney explained: “It really all started because I had been through a really difficult period when the Beatles were breaking up. There were a lot of business meetings, they were very heavy, you had to go there, look serious, and talk about losing all of this money. It was hell. Yet, I just met this beautiful woman and we were raising a family so we just decided to escape. So we escaped to Scotland and lived a very funky life. We loved it and felt very free.”

In other news regarding The Beatles, the group has announced that they will release The Singles Collection, due out November 22nd. The Singles Collection is a limited-edition repackaging of 22 U.K. 45s in picture sleeves. The set also includes a newly created 7″ of the two singles the band released during the mid-’90s. Fans of the ‘Fab Four’ responded to this news via the group’s official Facebook page. Paul McCartney’s daughter was recently spotted ‘dating’ Drew Barrymore.

Davie wrote: “Well I’m a massive fan of The Beatles but this is new to me. Not the songs of course but the word ‘ephemera’ is completely new to me. I’m almost 66 but I was today years old when I heard this word. The Beatles were normal working-class kids and I’d be amazed if they had heard it either.

Jose put: “Wednesday is my birthday and I’m going to get it. It’s not the original singles like in the blue box. But the covers of the singles come from a can all over the world, but the tracks are exactly the same. I’m already looking forward. They will arrive no day after my birthday. But I’m looking forward to them. I love them so much . Howard Stern recently revealed a Paul McCartney hotel room demand.