Rush Singer Geddy Lee Disrespected By Paul McCartney


Rush icon Geddy Lee revealed which legendary bassist ‘got away’ from him in a new interview with the Toronto Sun. Rush singer Geddy Lee announces huge movie. He told the outlet “I wanted Paul McCartney [for my new book] because he could speak about that early Hofner period, but he was unavailable.”

Lee did however reveal the pleasures of working with Led Zeppelin member John Paul Jones, stating: “I had met [John Paul Jones] before and we have mutual friends, and he was an interviewer’s dream. He is such a lovely guy and he was so prepared and he brought his favorite and his first bass along with him and he showed up to my flat in London. He wouldn’t even let me pay for his taxi. He was just a sweetheart of a guy. Honestly, I could have done the book of nothing but interviews with bass players. And you know, these guys, toil in the background while the lead singers and the lead guitar players get all the glory. And, because of that, in a way, they lead fascinating lives. This Rush singer made a bold Rock Hall of Fame demand recently.

In other news regarding Rush, fans of the band took to social media via the group’s subreddit to debate whether or not their 1989 hit ‘Chain Lightning’ could be declared as the ‘greatest Rush song of all time’ in a recent topic.

PanaceaStark concluded: “I like it, it’s a really great song, but it probably doesn’t crack my top 40 (just because Rush is SO GOOD).”

Geddy Lee revealed this 2020 tour offer the other day. The user continued: “Kinda cool story though. I was driving my family around one night, happened to have Presto playing (a different track was on though) and this impressive meteor streaked across the sky in front of us. My son and I were the only ones that saw it, and we were immediately yelling how cool it was while everyone else was just “huh?” Right away I switched the CD to Chain Lightning because it was on point. Just like the song, my son and I had an immediate connection because of a shared experience.”