Paul McCartney Wife Caught Smoking With Rock Icon


A rare photo of The Beatles icon Paul McCartney’s beautiful late wife Linda McCartney smoking with Pink Floyd singer/guitarist David Gilmour has surfaced. Paul McCartney revealed recently how he savagely rejected a famous actor before accepting them.

Just_PinkFloyd captioned the photo, “Linda and Paul McCartney with David Gilmour at a The Rolling Stones concert, UK’s Knebworth Fair, 1976.”

Paul McCartney recently revealed a John Lennon demand before his death. On the Pink Floyd Reddit, fans speculated regarding who out of the band’s three surviving members are most likely to tour again.

Failar posted, “I suppose Nick Mason with his Saucerful of Secrets is the one most likely to tour again. He seemed to really enjoy his last tour and his new band members. There is an article (unfortunately it’s in Polish) in which Nick Mason jokingly said that he was most engaged with his new band and reactivation of Pink Floyd could be a bit unfortunate for him. The interview was made around the time of his last concert in the tour so I assume this engagement means they are going to tour again.”

JomanC137 said, “Roger Waters just finished the Us + Them tour last december, and he says he may or may not do one again, so there is some hope. It’s also one of the best concerts you’ll ever see.

David… well he just sold his black strat and said touring again would be cheating without new music.”

Seamus1979 chimed in, “Pink Floyd I just can’t see. With Rick dead, the relationship (or non-existence of one) between David and Roger, and David’s comments about that phase of his life being over, it seems very highly unlikely.” A Pink Floyd member made a surprising reunion ‘threat’ earlier this year.