Paul McCartney Reveals John Lennon Demand Before Death


The Beatles icon Paul McCartney discussed working on his ‘It’s A Wonderful Life’ musical in a new interview with Zoe Ball, and how he and John Lennon rejected doing musicals up until his death. Alternative Nation transcribed McCartney’s remarks. Paul McCartney made a painful Brad Pitt revelation yesterday.

“Well we’re steaming along really. At first I said to Bill [Kenwright] when he asked me, I said we’ve been resisting doing musicals for years. Because John and I got asked a lot, because Lennon and McCartney sounds like Rodgers and Hammerstein, it sounds like the kind of people who would write musicals. But we always resisted it, so I said to him, ‘I’m not sure if I’m really keen.’ He said, ‘Have a meeting with this guy Lee Hall, you might like him.’ And I did, and we started to get into it.”

John Lennon having the meeting that broke up The Beatles was revealed in a photo yesterday. McCartney added, “Let’s try this. I said, ‘Would you see if Lee would write how he sees the first 20 minutes of the musical? Just write a few pages so I can read it like it’s a script.’ Even though they don’t normally do that, he did it, and I read it, and sort of fell for it. I thought oh, I can see this. As a friend of mine says, ‘Oops, I’m pregnant.’ It was a bit that, I didn’t intend this, so I’m having a lot of fun with it. Lee is great to work with, and we’re steaming along. I hope to finish the first draft of it with the songs and the words by the end of the year, so we’ll see if that happens.” Paul McCartney and John Lennon’s final photo was recently revealed.