Paul McCartney Savagely Turned Down Famous Actor


The Beatles icon Paul McCartney revealed in a new BBC radio interview with Zoey Ball that he initially rejected doing a special Late Late Show ‘Carpool Karaoke’ episode with James Corden. Alternative Nation transcribed McCartney’s comments. Paul McCartney made a painful Brad Pitt revelation earlier this week.

McCartney said, “The last project I didn’t fancy, and I wasn’t going to do, was the James Corden. I said, ‘Oh, I don’t fancy that.’ I cause a lot of trouble. Of course I loved that, and it did so amazingly well.”

Gordy JS wrote about meeting Paul McCartney at a recent book reading and signing for his children’s book ‘Hey Grandude!’ on the official Macca forums.

“The sign outside said no dedications and the security guard you see before meeting Paul reiterates it. It crossed my mind to ask but I decided not to push it & just be so grateful that I’m meeting Paul. I did find it a bit odd but not complaining as I got to meet him anyways. I’ll always have the memory of our chat & I’ve luckily seen a fair few people upload photos that have me chatting to Paul! But even if there was no photos I would’ve been delighted by how I met him.”

Paul McCartney revealed a surprising project John Lennon rejected before his death yesterday. Eeee Cor Blimey responded, “When we went up no one had told us not to ask, but as i’ve said luckily in a way i was too busy to remember to ask for a name anyway, so didn’t ask! I guess by the time the early people with the kids had been done then the person you see before Paul would realise they had to start telling people in case they hadn’t read the board outside. No one was telling the first group.

And yes Gordy, like you, i’m just blown away to have met him, the photos are a huge bonus but even without them we all *met* him didn’t we 🙂 Love what he said about your pants as well, very cool.” Paul McCartney recently revealed bedroom disrespect.