Paul Stanley Accused Of Canceling KISS Tour For Bad Reason


KISS frontman Paul Stanley was shown some overall skepticism to his recent health scares by rock and metal journalist Eddie Trunk who addressed a fan’s e-mail on his SiriusXM show recently stating that ‘raised an eyebrow’ over how Paul Stanley getting the flu could ‘knock out’ an entire Australian tour. KISS singer Paul Stanley young lover photo revealed.

Trunk stated: “So as far as Paul [Stanley’s] health problems. Look, Gene [Simmons] had health problems that resulted in shows being rescheduled. I saw some ticket counts for the shows that were impacted and they were unbelievably low. However, I’m not denying that the guy may have been sick, I don’t know, I’m not on the inside, I don’t know. [Regarding] Paul Stanley, they just canceled their entire Australian tour because Paul Stanley has the flu. That just happened, what a week ago?” Paul Stanley’s son recently reveals if he hates Ace Frehley.

Trunk continued by saying: “I understand that these guys are older but if you are a KISS fan we have had so much smoke, mirrors and misinformation put out to us for decades now. Anything is possible as to what is accurate and what is not. It is a little suspect that the flu knocks out an entire tour. To me, yeah but then again the guy is sixty-eight years old or whatever. If he [really] got it, I don’t know, I don’t know – I’m not saying one thing or the other but our emailer was not the first fan to raise an eyebrow a bit at some of the recent KISS cancellations on their tour and the reasons given for such. Do I know one way or another? I do not.” Gene Simmons also just revealed why Paul Stanley ‘lost his voice.’