Led Zeppelin Reunion Photoshoot Leaked By Rock Icon


Led Zeppelin reunited in 2012 for a secret photoshoot for the release of their 2007 reunion show on DVD, titled ‘Celebration Day.’ Howard Stern hinted at a Led Zeppelin reunion concert last week.

Photographer Ross Halfin wrote, “Led Zeppelin, October 10th 2012 at a shoot I did in Soho, New York. It had been raining all morning and had just stopped 5 minutes before I had to do this shoot. Today in 1971 a 14 year old me went to Wembley to see Led Zeppelin for the first time a week after LZ IV had come out.

It was a skating rink when not being used and the floor was iced so no heating in the building and the floor was covered with boards. You could see cold air being blown out of people’s mouths. I still have the original poster and ticket. #rosshalfin #ledzeppelin #electricmagic.”

Led Zeppelin’s reunion ended up just being a one off show at the O2 Arena in London in December 2007, as Robert Plant turned down the chance to tour with Jimmy Page, John Paul Jones, and Jason Bonham in stadiums in summer 2008.

Halfin also recently posted a photo and wrote about another big reunion: Rage Against The Machine. He said, “Rage Against The Machine as they’re back next year. This was from a studio shoot I did in London . I’ve been playing their highly underrated album Renegades which is all covers. It’s actually a great album go and check it out particularly “I’m housin’” hint: it’s not about decorating your house, well it sort of is if you’ve got a machine gun. #rosshalfin #rageagainstthemachine #renegades.” Jimmy Page revealed who ruined a Led Zeppelin reunion recently.