David Gilmour ‘No Shows’ Surprise Pink Floyd Performance


Pink Floyd icon David Gilmour discussed how he managed to put together an entire show for one of the group’s most iconic tours, which was somewhat of a reunion after having not toured in North America for most of the 1980’s, not at a major area or stadium, but by at an airplane hangar. He said he no showed a rehearsal performance to help the band learn. This revelation happened the most recent episode of the Pink Floyd podcast entitled, ‘The Lost Art of Conversation: A Pink Floyd Podcast.’ Alternative Nation transcribed Gilmour’s comments.

David Gilmour: Rick [Wright] and I, we were not exactly motionless but not exactly the most exciting onstage characters. So I put together these people and they actually started without me for a week or two. I don’t remember quite how long in Toronto because I was still finishing something on the album and then we rented a hangar on Toronto airfield for production rehearsals, IE: A whole show.

Interviewer: A plane hanger?

Gilmour: An airplane hangar. Huge, massive but you’ve got to got a massive stage in it and you’ve got to be able to run your whole show and I think an airplane hangar was probably cheaper than renting a stadium in Toronto or anywhere else to do that sort of thing. Plus, of course, security is very good. Roger Waters ‘spitting’ on a Pink Floyd fan at show was also revealed.

Interviewer: I would imagine so, yeah.

Gilmour: You would have to go through some sort of passport control to catch your rehearsals every day because you go on to a live international airfield.

Interviewer: Just going over ahead, every so often.

Gilmour: Yep. We weren’t recording anything, it didn’t matter. It wasn’t like the noise mattered, we were making enough noise ourselves. David Gilmour breaks Pink Floyd guitar at show.