Pearl Jam Awful Cancelation Announcement Revealed


Pearl Jam Online is reporting that the ‘Mirror Ball’ documentary with Neil Young’s release has been postponed from its original October 29th date. The number of 2020 Pearl Jam tour dates already planned was revealed yesterday.

PJOnline originally said, “Hearse Theater, the online Neil Young archives, will publish a documentary about a concert Neil Young played with Pearl Jam at the RDS Simmonscourt Pavillion in Dublin on August 26th 1995.

The concert from the 1995 Mirror Ball Tour, fell into oblivion for more than 20 years following the will of both record companies representing the artists included in the project.”

Pearl Jam revealed their first new album photo a few days ago. Pearl Jam Online added, “Reprise Records that still releases Neil Young albums and Epic Records, Sony’s subsidiary that published Pearl Jam albums until 2003, never made arrangements and practically prohibited this release for more than 20 years. The legend tells that Eddie Vedder got very mad about it (even if he wasn’t involved in the 1995 european promotional Mirror Ball Tour).”

Setlist: Big Green Country, Song X, Act of Love, Downtown, Mr. Soul (Buffalo Springfield), Scenery, Comes a Time, The Needle and the Damage Done, Don’t Let It Bring You Down, Mother Earth (Natural Anthem), Throw Your Hatred Down, Cortez the Killer, Powderfinger

Encore: Rockin’ in the Free World, Like a Hurricane

Pearl Jam guitarist Stone Gossard announced on Monday that Brad’s discography is now available on streaming services.

Pearl Jam tweeted, “Shawn Smith’s music and spirit is a gift … On this, his birthday, we are happy to announce all Brad and Satchel music is now avail on music streaming services … Thank you Shawn -Stone.” A Pearl Jam member was ‘insulted’ at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame last week.