Ozzy Osbourne Disgusting Eating Photo Revealed


You’ve seen Ozzy Osbourne eating the head off of a whole bat here he is taking it to a whole different level. The “Prince of Darkness” took to social media via Instagram to let his adoring followers know that he takes the frightening season of Halloween very seriously. How? By taking a giant bite out of a human leg. Now, of course this was a prop leg but it’s absolutely delightful to see Osbourne stay true to himself and living his best life. You can view the photo below. This Ozzy Osbourne bandmate ripped a Paul Stanley disrespect.

Reddit user Philip_Swiftopher posed the question of who the members of the band be for Ozzy’s new album will be in a recent topic on Ozzy Osbourne’s subreddit.

The user asked: “Since Zakk [Wylde] recently said that he has nothing to do with the new album and that Ozzy “got together with some friends,” who do you think will play on Ozzy’s album? I’d guess Andrew Watt on guitar, but I can’t guess who else. Anyone have any guesses?”

Ozzy Osbourne’s wife revealed what Keanu Reeves did to her not too long ago. Agentmantis replied: “If Zakk isn’t involved, I’m pleased. Zakk is a great player but to me, he hasn’t come up with too much that was innovative since his debut on No Rest for the Wicked. No More Tears was good but it’s been a steep decline from there.”

Nerdking314 questioned: “Why was Zakk not involved with the new album? Did he not want to be a part of it, or did Ozzy not ask him, or was it a spur-of-the-moment thing that Ozzy did and he couldn’t get his full normal backing band together for it? Also, I’m not sure if Zakk is/was on tour during the time that Ozzy said he made the album… Also, I was under the assumption that a full, proper new Ozzy/Zakk album that would be a follow-up to Scream was in the works…. Is this new album that album, or is it a different thing?” Ozzy Osbourne mocked his wife’s appearance recently.