Marilyn Manson Faces Off With Cops In Tour Bus Photos

Photo by Brett Buchanan for

Marilyn Manson recently took to social media via Instagram to pose with America’s true Beautiful People – The fine men and women of the Houston Police Department. The pictures appeared to of been snapped at what appears to be the Astroworld Festival, where Manson performed. Marilyn Manson revealed this disturbing Nicolas Cage photo recently.

In other news regarding Manson, fans of the shock rocker discussed the legacy and impact of “The High End Of Low“, Marilyn Manson’s 7th studio album in a recent topic within the singer’s subreddit. Howard Stern dropped a gross Marilyn Manson bombshell this past Summer.

Sadcxnt said: “This album has a very special place in my heart. It came out during a dark time in my life and many of the lyrics depicted in this album related to my emotions I was feeling at the time. But I think this is hands down his most under-appreciated and his most rawest album he’s ever released. It’s a love/hate album that I think expresses it as a whole both musically and lyrically. It’s inconsistent which makes it understandable since Manson was in a rollercoaster of emotional turmoil and didn’t know which ideas he wanted to set up into play. Nonetheless creating a beautiful disastrous masterpiece.”

Dave Grohl partied with Marilyn Manson in these crazy photos taken this past April. Omegadopestar23 responded: “Well seeing as I must’ve been in a coma for the past 13 days and missed this anniversary, I’ll just say that it is my second favorite album of his (maybe) next to Mechanical Animals. If Eat Me, Drink Me was his personal extreme depression album, High End Of Low was a view into the Lowest he has been into beating the demon song by song and coming up on top.”

The user concluded: “There is one thing I still don’t get about the album though…what the fuck does “Four Rusted Horses” mean? It starts off as something with a carousel and tired hearts of singing then goes into his funeral thing? Love the song just don’t know if it means anything…or if he even knows.”