Pearl Jam Debut Incredible New Ten Song For First Time


Pearl Jam debuted Ten outtake “Evil Little Goat” live for the first time at Wrigley Field on Monday night in Chicago. View the full setlist and video below.

The band were forced to start the show a bit late due to inclement weather, similar to their 2013 Wrigley Field show. Fans were evacuated from the field, but later returned and the show went on.

01. Given To Fly
02. Why Go
03. Go
04. Last Exit
05. Mind Your Manners
06. Do The Evolution
(Got my Jordan’s on. I am feeling bouncy)
07. Rain-(Lennon, McCartney)
(Gonna send this to the South Side with love)
08. Throw Your Hatred Down
09. Even Flow
10. U
11. In My Tree
(Ed sings “goodbye girl” a few times)
12. Immortality
13. Daughter / It’s OK-(Cole) -4:00 full cover
14. Unthought Known
15. Jeremy
16. I Am A Patriot-(Van Zandt) (v-1 slow Ed solo, v2 is fast full band)
17. Lukin
(After Lukin Ed plays the chords to Lukin slowly and sings, I’m Going To Wrigley’s and adds a line about going to Murphy’s. Very short. 20 seconds)
18. Porch

Encore Break One
19. We Are Gonna Be Friends-(Jack White) Ed solo acoustic guitar
20. Come Back
21. Corduroy (Go cubs go)
22. Black
23. Lightning Bolt
24. Rearviewmirrror
25. Smile
26. Evil Little Goat (first live performance)
27. Leash
28. Alive
29. Baba O’Riley-(Townshend)
(Danny Clinch plays harmonica. Ed destroys a blue telecaster)