Pearl Jam Drop Massive Linkin Park 2020 Bombshell


Pearl Jam used vintage posters from past European concerts to announce they will tour the continent in 2020 on Sunday, including a homage to a 2007 Nova Rock festival performance in Austria with Linkin Park and Smashing Pumpkins. The GIF with vintage posters also features London, Berlin, Copenhagen, Paris, Prague, Budapest, Rock Werchter, Amsterdam, and Zurich. Krakow, Stockholm, and Imola aren’t part of the GIF.

SteveEddieVedder posted, “Looks like spicy 3 for me if nothing else changes. Flights still decent coming from Edinburgh with a stop in Italy on the way home to meet the family. Shame I can’t take a 1 year old to the shows, especially since he was technically with us for Rome and Prague 18!”

A Pearl Jam rumored show with Faith No More was detailed a few days ago. Some fans were getting nervous before this news, with MacRae posting on the Ten Club board, “Sooooo, if traveling from U.S., on scale of 1-10 how confident in the cities/dates are we at this point? Would you risk buying airfare at this point, as it is actually pretty reasonable from certain cities. Looking at doing Vienna/Krakow/Buda. Or better to wait another week or so and see if we get announcement? Dimi often says ‘plan’ vs booked tour. So are we still in the “plan” stage or do we think we have a booked tour?”

Thanks Pete responded, “There’s a lot of good deals out there right now because of Black Friday and Cyber Monday on airline websites and travel sites such as You could also buy travel insurance from a reputable company and/or the airline. Also, if you have a pretty good travel credit card it should have great travel insurance protection. But be sure to read the fine print!” Pearl Jam’s rumored ‘final’ 2020 performance date was revealed a few days ago.