Pearl Jam Drummer Posts Message For Pearl Jam Collectors


Update from Dave Abbruzze: Yo there people. I would appreciate you all not using my Facebook post as click bait! In my post, I wasn’t accusing the band of any wrongdoings. I was, as the post states, merely hipping collectors to the fact that there is a collectable correction out there for them. Please correct your story. It is misleading and puts me in a light that I have attempted to stay out of! Thank you.

Former Pearl Jam drummer Dave Abbruzzese has posted on Facebook, “Hey Pearl Jam collectors!
Peep your albums. On one of them that was released after my firing, you’ll notice that the my last name was spelled wrong. I was assured it would be corrected. So, there are a few out there!”

Pearl Jam has entertained millions of fans across the world over the years. However, they are more than a band. It is also a company that moves tons of equipment and people around the globe. It stands up and tears down events for tens of thousands of people in a day. In 2003, the band began looking at how to track and mitigate its large touring carbon footprint.

Pearl Jam pays huge money

Since then, the band has made investments totaling over $1 million dollars to offset carbon emissions from touring, putting its money behind the philosophy that private business must acknowledge its role in climate change and voluntarily and substantially invest to accelerate the world’s shift to a renewable economic system.

In continuing their ongoing commitment to acknowledge and address the band’s carbon footprint, Pearl Jam has committed to paying $200 per ton of CO2 as its minimum continuing baseline for its “Gigaton” tour. Globally, the carbon offset market varies widely, with the average falling into $1-15 per ton.

“We are not going to move to a carbon-neutral economy without a massive shift in priorities and behavior. We need huge amounts of capital to innovate, invest, and problem solve to create brand new systems, and we need those investments to be smart and persistent,” says rhythm guitarist Stone Gossard.

“By committing to this aggressive pricing, we hope to amplify our efforts tenfold, highlight the most compelling avenues for carbon sequestration, mitigation, and reduction, and hopefully gather many partners who share our urgency to make the enormous efforts and innovations required to move our world to a carbon balanced and more conscious economy.”

The huge rock tours have significant impacts and it will continue to do so until electric trucks and aviation become commonplace. But the band believes the most promising route to change is to continue to do business while investing capital in different strategies to reduce C02 emissions. The funds from the “Gigaton” tour will support a layered approach.

The portfolio runs for sustainable fuels to rainforest protection to photovoltaic technology. Through public awareness, Pearl Jam is hopeful of inspiring the other businesses and individuals to respond to climate change individually and wherever possible, collectively investigating and investing in carbon-reducing and mitigating technology, and doing so at a meaningful level.