Tool Member ‘Struggles’ In Sad Backstage Video


Tool frontman Maynard James Keenan recently took to his Instagram account and posted a video clip from a recent concert. Drummer Danny Carey was seen playing while Keenan was seen wearing an operation suit, which he was clearly struggling to put on. Maynard played doctor, and later bizarrely and hilariously screamed at Danny. It was captioned: “Gahd Damnit, Danny! I’m gonna lose my fucking license!” This is not the only time, the band frontman was noted for these antics as he previously took to his social media via Instagram handle and posted a video clip where Danny Carey was spotted playing the drums, while he was playing the ever-popular, family-fun, board game Jenga.

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Speaking about Danny Carey, a video clip started surfacing on the internet came across a mishap during the band’s show. In an amusing manner, he was spotted getting his snare drum replaced but that too mid-song.

In a video clip that surfaced from one of Tool’s shows, Carey was seen swapping his snare drum. The swap happens during Tool’s live performance of “Grudge” from the 2001 “Lateralus” album. Danny’s drum tech Joe Paul Slaby swoops in right around the “controlling” lyric.

Dany went on to play all the parts without missing a beat, using one of the toms instead of the snare. The whole thing took about 20 seconds and Danny can be seen smiling back at his tech.

Tool is strict about rules at the concerts

It was also recently noted how Tool prohibits the usage of cell phones or cameras to capture photos, videos, or audio recordings as per their policy. Previously, prior to their scheduled show at Van Andel Arena in Grand Rapids,MI, it was noted how the band issued a notice to the fans who would be attending the show.

The venue sent out a Tweet saying: “Tool respectfully requests that you please watch & listen to the show, not your phone. TOOL has a strict NO Photo, video or audio recording policy, including with a cell phone. You will be ejected from the show without a refund if you elect to take photos of the performance.”